Passenger Elevator
  • Frankson Passenger Elevator employ advanced technology in vertical transportation. Passenger Lift is used to carry a maximum of 26 passengers. We provide geared, gearless and machine room less Elevator. As building technology changes and progresses, our elevator technology does the same.

Home Elevator
  • Home elevators are often permitted to be of lower cost and complexity than full commercial elevators. Frankson Elevators provide unique design characteristics suited for home furnishings, such as hinged wooden shaft-access doors or aluminum panel door rather than the typical metal sliding doors. A home elevator can change your life and it's an added value for house.
Dumbwaiter Elevator
  • Dumbwaiters are small freight Elevators (or lifts) not intended to carry People or live Animals, but for Objects. Small lifts installed in Hotels' Kitchens for transferring cooked hot food, raw materials etc. to various pantries at all floors in multi-storied hotels, large households, marriage halls, restaurants, etc.

Stretcher Elevator
  • The medical care infrastructure is increasing day by day. Hospitals are facing emergencies every now and then. Shifting of patients to operation theatres or post operative wards always demands less time for commutation.

Goods Elevator
  • Frankson Elevator is well known manufacturer and supplier of Goods Lifting platforms which are absolutely safe and easier to use. These Goods Lifts are used among an uncountable number of reputed customers.
Car / Automobile Elevator
  • The Car-Lifts created by Frankson can be used in home garages, commercial parking lots, and office parking or any place where parking space is limited. The system hides cars entirely underground and allows independent car access without moving one car to access another.