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A1. Yes we have our Network in Countries other then India. We have our clients at Nepal, Afghanistan, Bhutan etc. We can provide our services in other countries also.
A2. We can provide all services for Elevators and escalators i.e. Installation, Modernisation, Maintenance and after sales service.
A3. Our staff has over 21 years of experience. The knowledge base is excellent. Our technical & customer care team is always ready to support our customers. If you need our help you can contact us.
A4. Yes, you can. Our company profile is available on our website. You can download the same from there.
A5. We utilize some in house products as well as import some parts to provide best quality products to our customers.
A6. You can contact our sales, maintenance and corporate office team through mails and phone also for more details please visit our contact us page.
A7. The lift shaft can be constructed from any material that support the loads applied by elevator and meet local building code and conduct requirement.
A8. You can find a local or nearest Escon Office from contact page. In contact page all office addresses are available.
A9. Yes we can provide customise products according to your need. This customisation may be in Door No. Of passenger capacity, Space of car , MRL , Geared or Gear less machine, Car Design and many more according to your choice budget and requirement.
A10. Lifting hooks remains the same to facilitate future maintenance or modernization requirement.
A11. Yes 3 phase power is required before starting of elevator installation work.
A12. Yes you should. We have to follow IAS standard and according to IAS standard its nessesary to leave the lift shaft roof off to install the lift.
A13. Yes.Elevator shaft contains electrical equipment which is not waterproof. When this equipment is subject to moisture it can be hazardous and affect the performance of the equipment in future.
A14. All lifts and escalators need maintenance after a certain period. This maintenance can be based on equipment usage and or calendar basis. So a maintenance process can be planned according to your equipment needs and your budget. We have our maintenance team to suggest you most suitable options for your Equipment and available space.
A15.Please provide these facilities to our company: The hoist way, landings and Pit must be completed, dry, clean and waterproof. The Hoist way dimensions and design as per the contract layout drawing. Three phase electrical power must be available. The unloading area and transportation route to both the storage area and hoist way must be clearly defined. Provide generator facility battery back up for installation of elevator. Secure and dry storage area should be provided near to hoist way. On Site sanitation facility should be available. Try to put some safety barriers and safety signage to avoid accidents. Please do not change any drawing of material requirement at the time of Installation .All drawings and design should be same like contract.

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