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Gearless machine are based on the permanent magnet technology with high efficiency and have an energy saving of about 60% .They deliver the low speed, high torque performance which completely eliminated the gear box with less space required and totally smooth ride comfort travel.

" Frankson maintains the value in the escalators design. "

F. Smith


1.Nearly maintenance free

2.Easy to install

3.Compact design with high energy saving.

4.Smooth ride with reduced low speed vibration


1.Ac synchronous permanent magnet design

2.Machine traction sheave, track and encoder provided

3.Brush less- no brushes for maintenance

4.Rugged cost iron frame with heavy duty components

Comparision Between Geared & Gearless Machine

Sr.No, Geared Machine with Machine Room Gearless Machine with Machine Room
1 Geared Machines have gear box & routine oiling is required.Risk of Oil Contamination & spill is higher. Gearless machines don't have a gear box,they don't require any type of oiling.No risk of oil contamination or spill on the ground."ECO-EFFICIENT"or"GREEN-LIVING".
2 High Energy consumption. Less Energy consumption,nearly 50% savings.
3 Limited Floor travel.For high rise towers vibration are possible. Nwarly unlimited floor travel without vibration.
4 Low Efficiency as compared to Gearless Machines High Efficiency as compared to Geared Machines.
5 Installation & Service cost is high. Easy to install & Service cost is law.
6 Machine room required & Machines are bigger in size. Machine room required & less space is occupied due to small & compact machines.
7 Harmonics noise is more. Harmonics noise is totally eleminated.
8 Power consumption is high due to more torque is required & Efficiency is law. Minimum power consumption & Maximum Torque & high efficiency.
9 Due to high maintenance doesn't have a long life. Maintenance is less & longer life span.
10 Jerkless operation & Electromagnetic brakes are used. Disc Brake technology for instant stop.Jerkless operation with ride comfort and quality.
11 Brake adjustment is less convenient. Brake adjustment is more convenient & noise free.
12 It can be used in Open Loops as well as Closed Loops with Encoder. It has to be Closed Loops Operation with Encoder Feedback.
13 Proper Routine Maintenance is required due to more wear & tear.Periodic Oiling & Lubrication is required. Frequent start & stop operation will not affect the impact of motor.Hence negligible wear & tear and less maintenance is required.Lubrication & Oiling is totally eleminated.

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