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Frankson escalators are all based on the same reliable technology and modern visual design to ensure high quality, safe solutions, and low total cost of ownership. Frankson can give you benefit from a flexible, reliable range of escalators that can be tailored to a wide range of applications From small commercial centers to busy transit hubs, the flexible product portfolio comprises solutions for all segments. Our reporting/auditing service will initially identify and highlight any maintenance problems with your escalator systems, which is repaired by our engineers.

Our Repair cost is low due to the quality of the parts.

Brian Macmillan


1. Installation : Indoor

2. Working hours : 15 hours per day

3. Uses the square tube truss, the welding is strict, the load capacity is big, and the movement stable is reliable

4. Lightness, graceful, flexible, smooth

5. The simple and fashionable streamline appearance, when something unusual enters, the protection device can respond very quickly, so as to guarantee the safety of passengers and escalators

The attractive aluminum alloyed floor plate has good anti-slip and is also very agile and safe.

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