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The Frankson Autowalk It allows easy and safe access to all parts of the building, even when moving with a loaded cart or trolley. Frankson Autowalk provides high level of comfort and security.

Frankson Inclined Autowalk ensured through various testing process under real on-site conditions.The Frankson range of moving walkways form integrated horizontal and vertical transport systems that will enhance both the appearance and operation of any building or infrastructure extension. Maximum safety is built into the design of the Autowalk.

"For our company the value has been in the way our escalators look and perform, GREAT!"

Peter Davy


.Advance control system for more safety and availability

2.Fast and effective troubleshooting through built-in diagnostics
3.Environmental and fire safety options
4.Least maintenance required
5.The simple and fashionable streamline appearance
6.Elegant timeless design that complements the architecture of any building
7.Smooth ride with synchronized handrail speed to maximize safety
8.Numerous lighting options that guide the customers and enhance the shopping atmosphere

We Worked for these
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