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Tower Parking System enables 50 cars to be parked on a foot print of 3 cars i.e. on an area of 7.3 m x 7.0 m. (Approx. 50 Sq. Mt.)

This is a fully automatic system with no human intervention. Average retrieval time is 2 minutes depend upon height of tower.A turn table is provided to ensure that the car leaves in forward direction.The tower is either of steel or concrete structure up to 52 mt. tall. There is a central lifter, which lifts the car and shifts on either side having a vacant spot.

"I have worked in the management profession for over 15 years and Frankson Elevators is the only elevator contractor that I would have working on my elevators."

John Godmann


1. Fully automated
2. Safe & reliable
3.Low operation cost
4. Up to 50 car can be can be parked in just 3 foot print of car


Ideally suited for plots where podium parking is not possible.

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